Scrappy makes me happy!

Scrap quilts have always been my favorites – if you peruse my patterns, that’s pretty obvious. Playing in the scrap basket is fun, and satisfying for the Frugal Yankee in me.

Did you ever notice, though, what happens to the volume of fabric in the basket after making a scrap quilt? Instead of the level in the basket going DOWN, it goes UP?!? Maybe all that stirring and pawing fluffs it up, like making whipped cream.

This is why I advocate a scrap organization system that gets your overflowing basket under control, by cutting up the wrinkly mess into usable strips and squares, in specific sizes that work for your projects. Notice I said that I advocate the system – that is not to say that I always adhere to it!!

You see, when you make stuff, the scrap basket never gets truly empty, and if you don’t watch out and tend it regularly, it will overflow again like last year’s pumpkin patch. So every once in a while I tackle the basket’s contents with the iron and the rotary cutter, and whip it into shape. It’s obviously time for me to do that again.

Here are some examples of the scrap organization system in action:

Do you have an unruly scrap basket? Maybe you just need a new pattern to help you use up some, and maybe I can help…

Want to try your hand at one of my patterns, but just can’t wait for a paper pattern to come through the mail? You can download one right now from, where scrappy quilts are featured this week!

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By the way, I love to see and share pictures of your versions of my patterns. And don’t worry about quilts not being completed – pictures of tops, or even just work-in-progress are just as good!

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QuiltDots Pattern Parade

On Sunday April 27, it’s MY turn to be featured on the QuiltDots Pattern Parade blog tour! This is my first time as a blog tour participant, and I’m so excited! Almost as excited as I was when QuiltDots made buttons out of my original designs!


The truth of the matter is, I might not even HAVE a blog if not for this tour. Creating a blog and updating my website were things I had put off for a long time, being somewhat techno-challenged. But knowing that I was going to be called on was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed. Thank you, QuiltDots, for giving me a reason to get my act together!

Anyway, there’s a whole bunch of cool prizes to be had in this tour, from all the QuiltDots designers. I’m offering up some patterns, plus a handful of crazy quilt goodies – click here for a complete list and a chance to win.

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Old Acquaintance, New Look!

I just love to see how my students interpret my patterns. Their fabric choices and layout adjustments make every one unique. Here is a fine example – this is my original version of “Old Acquaintance,” a pattern I designed and subsequently taught as a workshop at my guild, Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild of Pepperell, MA.

Here are a few more versions, made by the ladies who participated in that workshop.

Kathie chose blue and green with yellow accents for a classic look.

Linda used warm comfortable Christmas colors.

Barbara used a batik jelly roll – yummy!

Roberta’s blue and yellow is so soft and spring-like.

Sandi used the colors of the ocean…
Roseann's OA
Roseann used the same colors as I did, and it looks great!

Every one of them has a unique look, and all are equally beautiful! Have you made a quilt using one of my patterns? I’d love to see your photos and share them here!

Happy quilting – Judabelle

The adventure begins

Today I am taking the plunge and entering the blogosphere! It is a goal of mine for 2014 (not a New Year’s resolution, mind you, which I would be doomed to abandon) to be more proactive about my pattern business,

judabelle logo purple

and this seems like a good place to start! Wish me luck – here goes!