QuiltDots Pattern Parade

On Sunday April 27, it’s MY turn to be featured on the QuiltDots Pattern Parade blog tour! This is my first time as a blog tour participant, and I’m so excited! Almost as excited as I was when QuiltDots made buttons out of my original designs!


The truth of the matter is, I might not even HAVE a blog if not for this tour. Creating a blog and updating my website were things I had put off for a long time, being somewhat techno-challenged. But knowing that I was going to be called on was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed. Thank you, QuiltDots, for giving me a reason to get my act together!

Anyway, there’s a whole bunch of cool prizes to be had in this tour, from all the QuiltDots designers. I’m offering up some patterns, plus a handful of crazy quilt goodies – click here for a complete list and a chance to win.

Thanks for stopping by!


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