Stunt Sewing

Most of my friends in the quilting business know what I mean by “stunt sewing” but for those of you who haven’t heard of it, allow me to explain.

As quilt shop owners, quilting teachers, and pattern designers, we all need samples of the projects we are trying to sell, teach, and market. And there are just not enough hours in the day to make all those samples ourselves. So we sometimes call upon a team of behind-the-scenes helpers (one friend calls hers “minions”) to make stuff. Usually in a hurry!


I have been on both sides of this arrangement. I have asked friends to make stuff for me, and I have made stuff for them. Here is a peek at one I sewed for a friend recently:

stunt sew

And here is a sample for a pattern of mine, with blocks made by my testers/stunt women:

ent purple

When we hear about a movie star who does his or her own stunts, we’re impressed, right? When visiting a shop or class or show, would you be any more impressed if you knew that the owner/teacher/designer had made all her own samples? Or any less impressed if you learned that she had used stunt sewers?

If you have ever stunt sewed for me, THANK YOU again for making me look good!

Just for fun, take a look at these photos of movie stars and their stuntmen.
Because, Brad Pitt. You’re welcome.