First finish, and feelin’ good!

In my previous post, I announced my intention to finish twelve UFOs this year, around one per month. I’m allowing myself some flexibility here, in case I either fall behind, or actually jump ahead of the one per month target. The path to success on these long-range goals has to allow for some detours, right?

Anyway, I decided that I would start with this project, which was one of my very oldest UFOs. I must have started this about 25 years ago:DSC00669

My construction technique was none too good back then, loads of mismatched points, ruffly borders, all the marks of an inexperienced hand. The machine quilting was about half done, and to call it merely clumsy is giving myself a lot of credit. But it was not worth ripping it all out and starting over, it made more sense to just carry on and finish what I had started in spite of my grave misgivings.

carry on

You can’t tell from the photo, but this quilt is BIG. Queen size, as a matter of fact. And because I made it so long ago, before I knew better, it has a puffy polyester batting (eewwww…) and a sheet for the backing (EEEK!!). A monstrosity of bulk and toughness, it nearly swallowed me whole as I struggled to quilt it. I concluded that the reason I had abandoned it in the first place was the fact that 25 years ago, I had only my trusty Bernina 1030, with its tiny opening to wrestle that wad through. No wonder I gave up, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

1030See how small that opening is? Cat (not mine, sadly…) included for scale.

My current machine (a Pfaff creative 4.0) has a much greater distance to the right of the needle, so jamming that sucker through the opening was only a medium-sized pain-in-the-@$$). I did the minimum amount of quilting necessary to hold it together, added a binding, and I am calling it DONE!

The far-apart, wavy quilting lines qualify this piece as more of a comforter than a quilt, and I'm OK with that.The far-apart, wavy quilting lines qualify this piece as more of a comforter than a quilt, and I’m OK with that.

The bright, pretty batiks are what ultimately saved this quilt from an eternity at the back of the closet.

So today, I’m feeling pretty good about myself, for several reasons:

  1. I accomplished the first finish toward my goal, and only eleven days into the new year.
  2. I made an entry in my success journal, to remind myself later that I made progress.
  3. I wrote this blog post about it (which covers another of my goals for 2016).
  4. I saw how very far my quilting skills have come over the years. Amazing what 25 years of practice can do!

3 thoughts on “First finish, and feelin’ good!

  1. Congratulations………..I know how good you feel as I cleaned up by finishing or giving away alllll my UFO’s. Now I limit how many craft things I have going and find I finish everything whether I am happy with it or not. Those I’m not thrilled with I give to charity. Keep up the good work.

  2. Now that I have your long-arm machine, you should have called me. You could have finished it in no time!!! LOL.

  3. Oh that quilt is Oh-So- Judy! Good for you for a first finish! Who knows…this may turn out to be a favorite to curl up under! Looking forward to more finish-ups!

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