Seasonal projects in an unseasonably warm January

January ended with a second checkmark toward my goal of twelve UFO finishes in 2016. It’s actually several UFOs in one: I came across a bag of small wool applique/embroidery projects in varying stages of completion. None of them needed a lot of work, and since they were lumped together in one container, I’m treating them as one UFO.

First was this table mat, featuring a snowman. It’s been warm, and there is almost no snow on the ground – very unusual for January in NH – so he reminds me that we could still get clobbered with winter weather in the next few weeks. A couple evenings in front of the TV, with Downton Abbey and Sherlock to keep me company, and it’s done.


Next was this pincushion. All it needed was blanket stitching around the edge, which took about half an hour. Now why didn’t I just finish it up when I worked on it before??


Next, these two Christmas ornaments. Too late for this year’s tree, but next year I’ll be happily surprised to see them again!


And finally, just in time for Valentine’s Day, this heart-shaped stuffie. I’m not really the lacy, frilly type, but this is cute, right?


So many wool projects are based on seasonal themes. Because most are quick to complete, you can easily make something for any season or occasion on short notice. Or you can do what I did: start a bunch of them, let them “mature” for a few years, then complete them all at once when the spirit finally moves you! Now to put away the scraps, the floss, and the patterns, and call UFO #2 done.

Happy stitching, all.