2016 Finish #4-ish

It’s been a while since I had a finish to report, but I am still on track toward my goal of twelve finishes in 2016. YAY!

Here is #4, for April, a small punch-needle piece. It was about half done when I unearthed it. The fun, good stuff was all done (the flowers and leaves, everything pretty and interesting), leaving the boring background fill and borders to do.

How many times have you abandoned a project at this stage?punch2It really didn’t take that long to complete it, and the dark background made the design really “pop” – so worth taking the time.


Now it is blocked and ready for framing. That’s why it’s “#4-ish” – not COMPLETELY done, but the stitching is finished. Just have to find a suitable frame. .


Number 5 for 2016 is ready too, another “completed for now” type of finish. Here’s a teaser…

remove paper2

More on this big finish soon!