Halfway there!

At the beginning of the year I declared my intention to complete twelve UFOs this year. Well, the year is half over, and I’m halfway to my goal – YAY!

Here is a recap of my finishes so far:

And here is finish number SIX – TA-DAAAAH!!


It’s another old one (at least ten years). The vegetables are pieced, NOT appliqued, using patterns and methods from Ruth B. McDowell’s book, Pieced Vegetables. I had begun to machine-quilt it way back when I made it, and as usual, that’s where I got derailed.

Much of this finishing-of-UFOs experience has been about biting the bullet and tackling the part of the job that I don’t enjoy so much. While I’m not thrilled with the quality of my free-motion quilting, the only way it’s ever going to improve is through practice. Fortunately, with matching thread, it doesn’t show up very much on the busy background.

IMG_1704 IMG_1698
IMG_1699 IMG_1702

And the satisfaction of completing a project is pretty sweet. This will look really nice in the kitchen, especially after it’s painted with a fresh coat of Leaf Bud green, don’t you think?


What shall I tackle next? Off to choose number seven!