11 yards

A couple days ago, I delivered a quilt to a longarmer. While it’s there, I thought I’d prep the binding, so it’d be ready to go when I got it back. Then I did the math… 404 inches. Ten width-of-fabric strips. MORE than 11 yards.

11 Yards. 33 feet. 10 meters. How big is that?
The first thing I thought of was a first down in football,
which is actually only 10 yards, but that’s pretty close.

A few minutes on Google revealed many other items.
This tape measure was much too easy.

A roll of electrical tape is 33 feet long:

Another obvious one – a 10m diving platform:

Into science? How about this dinosaur:

An old Detroit city bus is the same size as the dinosaur – coincidence?

Lovers of sculpture will appreciate that Chicago’s
Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) is 33 feet tall.

Finally, the thing that got all this started?

When it comes time to flip that binding, I just might be looking for that roll of electrical tape – stay tuned for a new tutorial on “New techniques in Binding!” LOL!!