I love the little extras, the fun and fancy “etc.” of life. Here’s a few of my favorites.

These buttons feature designs from some of my original quilt patterns! And you can have your own set. Order here, from me, or go to my listing on ZappyDots. While you’re there, be sure to check out the many other beautiful designs by some very cool and hip designer friends.

The designs are also available as magnets that can be used with a variety of oh-so-clever interchangeable jewelry bases, so you can pick a different design to match your outfit every day!



I love crazy quilting, too! Crazy quilts allow those of us with “shiny-object syndrome” to indulge in embellishments to our heart’s delight! Here are some tiny kits for you to add to your shiny-stuff stash.

button bouquet

Button Bouquet Kit includes everything you need to make this sweet embellishment: a button for the container, multi-colored buttons, glass leaf beads, a tiny critter charm, and perle cotton for embroidery.